Group Training

The Volley-Strength Group Training Program is for focused volleyball players that want to make some big improvements. Athletes need to be 12 years of age or older to join a group. The training sessions run in month long blocks. There are multiple strength training sessions per week for the athlete to choose from. This adds flexibility if the athlete has a busy schedule.

Not everyone will be doing the same workout. I cater the workouts towards the athletes specific needs. For instance, an athlete that has knee issues or shoulder issues is going to have exercises modified for them. The workouts are also modified based on the athletes physical development.



Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Former Team Canada Beach Volleyball Player

Here’s what you will work on while training with Reid:



Develop a strong, mobile, injury resilient body


Power Output

Hit balls harder, jump higher and get off the ground faster


First Step

Get to more balls on defense



Stay powerful for the full match/tournament


Joint Mobility

Improve your flexibility and overall health of your joints

Current Schedule:


  • 2 workouts $60 +HST ($67.80 total)
  • 4 workouts $108 + HST ($122.04 total)
  • 6 workouts $150 + HST ($169.50 total)
  • 8 workouts $184 + HST ($207.92 total)

All training sessions are held at SST Oakville, 505 Iroquois Shore rd, Oakville.

If you BELIEVE, have the proper GUIDANCE, and LOVE training then it is easy to make major improvements.


Stuart Martin:

Here is a picture of Stuart Martin after 1 year of training with me. During his initial assessment he touched 9 feet 11 inches. Fast forward 1 year later and he touched 10 feet 8 inches. This is an example of how big improvements can be made with the proper guidance and consistency.

Check out some of Reid’s athletes putting in work:

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