Private & Semi-Private Training

With private training Reid works directly with the athlete to help them reach their goals! Reid takes pride in finding the right buttons to push with each athlete to get the most out of them. In the first training session Reid conducts an assessment and baseline testing. Every month we re-test and the athlete can see for themselves the improvements they are making.

Each training session is an hour in length and involves a warm up, speed and plyometric work, strength training, and also a post workout mobility/recovery routine. Reid takes pride in helping create high performing, injury resilient volleyball players.



Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Former Team Canada Beach Volleyball Player

Here’s What you will work on while training with Reid:



Develop a strong, mobile, injury resilient body


Power Output

Hit balls harder, jump higher and get off the ground faster


First Step

Get to more balls on defense



Stay powerful for the full match/tournament


Joint Mobility

Improve your flexibility and overall health of your joints

Full Assessment

On the first day I take the athlete through a full assessment to identify the following:

  1. Mobility Restrictions: measuring how the joints articulate
  2. Strength Tests: identifying strengths and weaknesses
  3. Speed and Agility Test: measuring speed and ability to quickly change direction
  4. Vertical Jump Tests: measuring both static and dynamic vertical jump

After the assessment I sit down with the athlete and we establish some realistic goals. I then do everything in my power to create a clear image of how we can achieve these goals.


  • 4 training sessions: $340 + HST ($384.20 total)
  • 8 training sessions: $640 + HST ($723.20 total)
  • 12 training sessions: $900 + HST ($1017 total)
  • 20 training sessions: $1300 + HST ($1469 total)

All training sessions are held at SST Oakville, 505 Iroquois Shore rd, Oakville.

If you BELIEVE, have the proper GUIDANCE, and LOVE training then it is easy to make major improvements.


Stuart Martin

Here is a picture of Stuart Martin after 1 year of training with me. During his initial assessment he touched 9 feet 11 inches. Fast forward 1 year later and he touched 10 feet 8 inches. This is an example of how big improvements can be made with the proper guidance and consistency.

Check out some of Reid’s athletes putting in work:

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